What Is Carrageenan? Is It Harmful?


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Tobacman first grew cautious of carrageenan in the Nineteen Nineties when she used it within the lab in experiments with human cells. Carrageenan got here into use by the food trade as early as the 1930s, and by that point scientists had learned they could use it to trigger inflammation. Carrageenans are put to make use of every time a gel system is required. Water dessert gels may be made without gelatin by utilizing Carrageenans because the gelling agent.

Whole Foods has bought into the lie that carageenan is healthy because it comes from seaweed. Daisy dairy products, while not organic, don’t use carageenan and are GMO-free ( so they are saying!) Otherwise one has to read labels. When selecting ice cream, I even have to be careful that it doesn’t contain carrageenan. Hours after consuming it, my lips swell up, and it can take as much as two days to go away. I have to read EVERY label to ensure it does NOT have carrageen in it.

Watch Out For These Five Ingredients

In sum, partly because of its propensity to trigger irritation, carrageenan might be a factor in severe well being problems ranging from most cancers and diabetes to colitis and arthritis, in accordance with Tobacman. She hopes her work will result in adjustments in apply, each on the a part of shoppers and meals regulators.