What Is Carrageenan And Why Should You Avoid It?


Carrageenan is a common food additive derived from a purple seaweed,Chondrus crispus, also called Irish moss. It is the non-nutritive, indigestible plant polymer that keeps ingredients from separating, improves texture and adds weight and quantity to processed foods and products. Many processed meals products, together with well-liked “organic” products use it as a thickener and emulsifier. These merchandise embrace power and chocolate bars, processed lunch meats, dairy options, such as soy, almond and coconut milk, and many organically labeled dairy merchandise like ice cream, yogurt, cottage cream and whipping cream.

I additionally wonder about the ethicacy of some research and what company paid for them, noting that dairy milk commercials have scoffed at products containing carrageenan. I hope that the product is secure as a result of as a vegan it has been an important ingredient in many recipes, plus it is apparently in a surprising amount of meals, both vegan and non vegan. I even have plenty of Irish Moss available which is supposed to be related to make use of as a thickener but do not know if that is in the identical category within the research. We eat few processed foods and I would not be able to get my husband to drink almond milk! He is simply starting a semi vegan diet and thanks to your Oh She Glows cookbook he’s now consuming the identical meals as I however to a restrict.


However, when you don’t have a selection and should have a small amount of almond milk that lists carrageenan as an ingredient every so often, don’t stress out about it an excessive amount of. It’s a tiny quantity and you’re probably not getting a lot exposure from other sources if you’re eating a healthy, complete foods in a non-processed food regimen with out dairy. Andrea – make sure to contact the corporate and ask them to take it out of their product. The more they hear from individuals the larger the possibility they will remove. Hood removed carrageenan lately from its buttermilk.

Although it is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, carrageenan’s potential toxicity has been brought up latest years, largely as a result of speculation that the ingredient can cause digestive inflammation, ulcers, and cancer. Because of these well being considerations, groups like the Cornucopia Institute want to ban carrageenan from organic meals products. Many folks, particularly those that pay shut consideration to avoiding what they imagine to be inflammatory meals, stopped consuming carrageenan following these claims. Because it’s an unknown and there are options without carrageenan, I would say steer clear when you possibly can.

Common Foods With Added Carrageenan

Many of the dairy and non-dairy milk producers have been listening to customers and removing carrageenan from their merchandise. So Delicious Coconut milk products even now state on their labels – Now with out carrageenan! For many people with gluten points – seaweed alone in for e.g. canned beans, processed into carrageenan or processed as align/alginate/sodium and other alginate causes a large number of points – very related if not similar to gluten. Packaged foods need food additives like carrageenan to have a suitable quality and shelf life. While carrageenan is usually only used in small quantities, some buyers should want to keep away from carrageenan-containing foods.