The Carrageenan Conundrum



Poligeenan is considerably more detrimental to the health of lab animals than carrageenan, so the lack of a clear designation between them has given carrageenan a worse popularity than it deserves. There are a number of distinct kinds of carrageenan that differ in their chemical properties, however the most important distinction is between degraded carrageenan and undegraded carrageenan. From a chemical standpoint, the distinction between these two types is in their molecular weight.

However, carrageenan has produced intestinal harm in some animal research. Observed results in rats embody epithelial cell loss, elevated intestinal permeability, and diarrhea. In guinea pigs, carrageenan at a 5% focus in the food plan brought on ulcers within the colon, though an analogous concentration in the diets of rats and hamsters resulted in no distinction from controls. In pigs, concentrations of carrageenan between .05 and .5% administered for 83 days resulted in abnormalities within the intestinal lining, however no ulcerations or tumors.

Watch Out For These Five Ingredients

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