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Eleven Things Women Should Know About Menopause

This flies within the face of evolutionary theory that losing fertility must be the top of the line, because once breeding stops, evolution can now not select for genes that promote survival. This may be due to a change in hormones, in addition to situational elements. Concern about being pregnant not applies once menopausal. And […]Read More

Women After 50 Can Have Safe Pregnancy


You may also be asked to provide a whole medical historical past; make sure to embody information about your loved ones medical historical past. Levels of hormones vary erratically and may be higher or lower than regular during any cycle. For example, when you do not ovulate one month—which is common for ladies of their late 40s—progesterone is not produced to stimulate menstruation, and estrogen levels proceed to rise.

Knowing what to expect may help you keep as wholesome as possible throu...

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Women, Infants, And Children

Infant and Toddlers

A Child’s Touch is a Christian state licensed accredited school in Thornton Colorado offering quality care for children ages infants via kindergarten with unique nature playgrounds. Learning adventures are discovered at our high-rated school in Thornton; A Child’s Touch offers care for an infant, preschool, kindergarten, or summer camp child. Infant, preschool, and kindergarten child day care in the north area of Thornton is found in our learning-journey primarily based Christian faculty...

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When Fertile, Women Want Manly Men


What Are Common Myths And Taboos About Menstruation? How Do They Affect The Status Of Women?

Many mature females discover blood clots during menstruation. These appear as clumps of blood which will look like tissue. If there are questions (for instance, was there an miscarriage or an stillbirth?), examination under a microscope can confirm if it was endometrial tissue or pregnancy tissue that was shed.

A lot of individuals consider that their period is a method the physique cleans itself and re...

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Why Some Women Are Dying For Getting Their Period


Not all ladies expertise implantation bleeding, and any bleeding you experience ought to be gentle. If the recognizing or bleeding you have develops right into a heavy flow or lasts longer than a couple of days, see a doctor.

What’S Normal?

Bleeding or seeing black discharge exterior this general time-frame is considered irregular and must be discussed with a physician. Others discover that signs are cyclical and occur rather than an expected menstrual cycle...

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