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Overview Of Sexual Orientations

What Effects Will Menopause Have On My Sex Life? People who determine as “lesbian” or “homosexual” usually really feel interested in people of the identical gender as themselves. People who use the time period“queer”might use it to mean lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual, or they could use it as a result of other terms don’t […]Read More

Sexual Identity


Sexual orientation refers to a person’s sexual attraction to others. Within the context of sexual orientation, sexual attraction refers to an individual’s capacity to arouse the sexual interest of another, or, conversely, the sexual curiosity one particular person feels towards one other. This module presents a possibility so that you can suppose brazenly and objectively about sex...

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Sexual Orientation Test

Human sexuality

Furthermore, 71 p.c of males in this age group are married in comparison with forty three % of the women; thus, more ladies than men in this age group reside alone. These changing demographics clearly have implications for the multidimensional idea of sexuality for growing older women and men. Sexuality is a lifelong side of being human and impacts aspects of our personhood...

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Sexual Pleasure During And After Menopause


Often called the change of life, menopause [men-uh-pawz] marks the end of a lady’s reproductive years. During this time, her ovaries cease producing hormones, causing her periods to stop. Estrogen [es-truh-juh n] is the hormone that controls the menstrual cycle. The common age at which girls go through menopause is fifty one, although it may occur sooner or later.

We are consultants in hormone replacement remedy including Low T and menopause...

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Midlife, Menopause & Sexual Health


Processed foods are actually specifically bad news for women and ladies’s brains. They have been associated with an elevated risk of many ailments in girls and in addition with early onset of menopause. So the Mediterranean food regimen has been shown over and over again to be extremely protective for girls’s brains and for girls’s well being generally.

Menopause is a natural part of the getting older process for most ladies...

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