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Eleven Things Women Should Know About Menopause

Online Risk Assessment If you’ve a household historical past of osteoporosis or coronary heart disease, it’s especially important to speak together with your physician. Protecting your coronary heart and bone well being is likely one of the finest ways to take care of yourself. Menopause is the purpose in a girl’s life when menstruation stops […]Read More

Eleven Things Women Should Know About Menopause


This flies within the face of evolutionary theory that losing fertility must be the top of the line, because once breeding stops, evolution can now not select for genes that promote survival. This may be due to a change in hormones, in addition to situational elements. Concern about being pregnant not applies once menopausal. And couples could discover more time and alternatives without kids in the home.

There may be a slight improve within the incidence of breast most cancers, heart attack and...

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