Sexual Pleasure During And After Menopause


Often called the change of life, menopause [men-uh-pawz] marks the end of a lady’s reproductive years. During this time, her ovaries cease producing hormones, causing her periods to stop. Estrogen [es-truh-juh n] is the hormone that controls the menstrual cycle. The common age at which girls go through menopause is fifty one, although it may occur sooner or later.

We are consultants in hormone replacement remedy including Low T and menopause. We are extensively educated and licensed in hormone remedy for each men and women. Whether or not it’s the symptoms of menopause such as scorching flashes, night sweats, mood swings or low libido we may help. Erectile is a major drawback which affects most men as we get older.

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This is because of having an elevated exposure to hormones corresponding to estrogen. As women menstruate longer, they’ve extra ovulations which additionally increases the chance of ovarian most cancers.

During coaching, I saw how under-served girls in midlife and menopause are. Women from everywhere in the county have been in search of help to better perceive their menopause symptoms. I made it my mission to deal with perimenopause and menopause as a result of I could no longer sit again idly watching the harms done to women when their concerns go ignored. I started my podcast “Women’s Health by Heather Hirsch,” to help answer the frequent questions on hormone therapy, including the security of hormone remedy, bone health, sexual well being at midlife, & breast well being. We’ve been of serving to the residents of Kingwood and surrounding areas look their best since 2003.