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And if the founding fathers can be against that, then we ought to be in opposition to their view. Nothing is worse than letting people undergo and die as a result of anyone a very long time in the past might not prefer it if we work out a method to assist individuals and save lives. The poster Allen said the federal government has no enterprise making body-care choices for us. But the federal government isn’t doing that What the federal government is doing is giving everybody entry to medical insurance which isn’t part of your body. What you do with the health care is up to you, not the federal government.

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The federal Veterans Health Administration operates VA hospitals open solely to veterans, although veterans who seek medical take care of conditions they did not receive whereas serving within the navy are charged for services. The Indian Health Service operates services open solely to Native Americans from recognized tribes.

Countries with universal health care have less abortions as a result of they can afford to get health look after the child. Do you suppose it’s right to cut a program that solely does three% abortion however much more good AND need to do away with Obamacare which can scale back abortions and save lives?

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In a 2010 Commonwealth Fund survey, most Americans self-reported ready lower than 4 weeks for his or her most up-to-date specialist appointment and less than one month for elective surgery. However, about 30% of sufferers reported ready longer than one month for elective surgical procedure, and about 20% longer than four weeks for their most recent specialist appointment. The number of respondents is probably not sufficient to be absolutely consultant.