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If you know you’ve a sensitivity to an ingredient that is protected for almost all of the inhabitants, then just don’t eat it. But stop accusing the government, which is made up of people, of trying to regulate or kill off the inhabitants.

Toms of Maine solely places it in their non fluoridated toothpaste. They took out one poison and replaced it with another. It appears that for a company to be allowed to promote something legally within the United States, the product must kill you. Look how they raid individuals selling unpasteurized cheese and milk — stuff that can assist your physique, with automated weapons. anon September 19, 2011 Thank you guys for commenting about carrageenan.


I break out severely with the hives when I eat anything containing Carrageenan. I am trying to find out all products containing carrageenan.

Until lately, I felt safe if I purchased one thing like complete chicken elements, as an alternative of one thing processed . But I got a rotisserie hen at the grocery store the other day, and hidden in the ingredients (how will you have ‘elements’ in a whole hen?) was carrageenan. anon August 1, 2010 After 10 years of undiagnosed diarrhea, I finally found out it was carrageenan. For people who find themselves satisfied it’s safe, allow them to spend a couple of hours with me after a single scoop of ice cream. It didn’t kill me and I never turned so sick that I couldn’t function.

The only relationship between carrageenan and poligeenan is that the previous is the starting material to make the latter. Poligeenan is not a element of carrageenan and can’t be produced within the digestive tract from carrageenan-containing foods. What has led up to this misrepresentation of the security of an important food stabilizer, gelling agent and thickener?

Carrageenan is from seaweed; you extract it by boiling the seaweed. Some of you are in all probability genuinely allergic/illiberal to it. Fourth, it it utilized in such minute quantities and little or no is absorbed – it passes straight by way of the gut.

If carrageenan does not have anything to do with MSG, then why not label the meals “NO MSG”? Why, because that is illegal and you’ll’t label a product “NO MSG” if it incorporates “processed free glutamic acid”. I see a couple of different posters discovered and have read Dr. Joanne Tobac’s paper on the topic on an online search. I discover I could make every little thing myself without all the additives. I guess like most individuals i received too busy and I wanted to consider “they would not feed you stuff that was bad for you”.

Tonight I researched the components and the one thing I may give you was this one. It’s a disgrace because I actually loved it and would have bought them in the future.

I try to search for foods with very brief ingredient lists, with words I can pronounce. As more individuals turn into conscious, perhaps they’re going to do something about this. And in the meantime, I’ve been trying to shift my food plan to extra plain vegetables and fruits, as a way of avoiding additives.

I’ve discovered there are carrageenan-free milk alternate options; you simply need to learn all of the labels to seek out them. The proven fact that our foods aren’t nourishing us, and are in reality giving us problems like your seizure, has to be the explanation that Americans are overweight and obsessed with shedding weight.