Human Sexuality Is Naturally Promiscuous, Primarily Amorous

Human sexuality

A specific drawback that may appear during the strategy of sexual maturation is homosexuality, which can be spreading more and more in urbanized societies. This phenomenon should be introduced with balanced judgement, within the mild of the documents of the Church. Young people must be helped to tell apart between the concepts of what is regular and abnormal, between subjective guilt and objective disorder, avoiding what would arouse hostility.


To the degree that a person weakens chastity, his or her love turns into more and more selfish, that’s, satisfying a need for pleasure and now not self-giving. The challenges raised today by the mentality and social environment shouldn’t discourage parents. In reality it is value recalling that Christians have had to withstand comparable challenges of materialistic hedonism from the time of the primary evangelization. Autoeroticism is sexual activity that does not involve one other individual as companion; it could involve masturbation or use of certain paraphernalia. Masturbation in adolescence is generally innocent, but ought to it turn into compulsive it can stunt the event of mature sexuality.

A Christian training for chastity throughout the family can not remain silent about the ethical gravity concerned in separating the unitive dimension from the procreative dimension inside married life. This happens above all in contraception and synthetic procreation. In the primary case, one intends to seek sexual pleasure, intervening within the conjugal act to avoid conception; within the second case conception is sought by substituting the conjugal act with a technique. These are actions opposite to the reality of married love and opposite to full communion between husband and wife. As we will later observe, virginal and married love are the 2 varieties by which the particular person’s name to love is fulfilled.