Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Xanthan Gum


This is yet one more reminder for me to rely on foods of their pure state every time possible. I’ve hope you don’t thoughts that I am a former vegan/veg however I nonetheless adore your weblog.

As a leader in innovative plant-based foods, ­Follow Your Heart is committed to the standard and security of our components. One ingredient that is particularly within the spotlight is carrageenan. Some Follow Your Heart merchandise comprise carrageenan and we wish to offer you details about why we select to make use of it and why we’re confident the carrageenan that we use is a secure meals ingredient in our products. Carrageenan, also known as Irish moss, is a extensively used meals ingredient derived from red seaweed.

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The carrageenan business lobby group had been effective in suppressing analysis. But since May 2012, nobody in the organic trade can declare that they don’t seem to be aware of disturbing research tying the food additive to severe potential well being issues. Tobacman also references research that present that native carrageenan can promote colonic tumors in rats; however, the carrageenan in these research made up anyplace between 2.5% and 15% of the rats’ whole diets. In distinction, meals that contain carrageenan have the ingredient at tenths (.1%) or hundredths (.01%) of a percent within the food and these meals make up solely a small fraction of our overall food plan.

My father has thyroid cancer and has to comply with a low-iodine diet earlier than he receives his iodine radiation remedy. One of the things on the list of the numerous issues he can not eat is carrageenan (along with all different sea-things). I’m doing some cooking to assist him out and I knew that carrageenan was in lots of common merchandise because I am an obsessive label-reader.

Follow Your Heart is dedicated to the quality and security of our ingredients. We know that our prospects count on us to use solely the highest quality and healthiest components out there, and we do every little thing we will to fulfill those expectations. We feel confident in our choice to use meals-grade carrageenan and its alignment with our mission to make healthful, wholesome plant-based mostly meals. You can learn more concerning the analysis we performed to make our choice beneath.