Doubts Surface About Safety Of Common Food Additive, Carrageenan


So I downloaded the ingredients for the soymilk and compared them to the fudge bars and the one widespread ingredient was Carrageenan. If we did not have nearly totally fake foods , Americans may not keep consuming , in search of the nutrients they need. anon90131 June 14, 2010 I was recognized with Crohn’s disease in the summer of 2009. However, a few years before when I was nonetheless experiencing symptoms of Crohn’s, my mother appeared up a list of foods that set off people with IBS and other bowel problems.

anon990 yesterday Looking for anyone that’s allergic to the meals additive carrageenan. anon1639 June 9, 2007 My son had a horrible time with formulation and we went down the “hypo-allergenic” highway of baby formulation–much less lactose, soy, chemical, extremely chemical. He received better as we went again “up” the formula chain. The biggest change was the carageenan and where it fell within the listing of elements.


She drinks “delight” coffee creamer every morning in her espresso and it has carrageenan in it. She has additionally taken herself off all dairy and is presently on a self-induced meals-elimination diet. I react immediately to this ingredient, and the ache can final from two hours to 24 hours.

Watch Out For These Five Ingredients

I have now eradicated carrageenan from my food plan, though I am persevering with to seek out it the place I wouldn’t count on it. Last week I started consuming Fresh and Easy Fudge bars. They are dairy but didn’t upset my stomach so I was very excited. Within in the future I was having the horrendous breakouts again . I thought it was one thing else I had beginning eating because I was attempting to go vegetarian.