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Tips for Using Taser For Self Defense

If the place that you are in is not safe then you need to make sure that you are ready to defend yourself. When you have your Taser then you will be sure that you are safe. And when you understand how best you can be able to use a Taser for self defense is a huge step in protecting yourself. What you expect from the Taser is an important thing that one must know. One should make sure that they carry around a Taser and this is because it non lethal weapon that you can carry.

There are a number of Tasers available and you need to be sure with the one that you feel comfortable with. When you have a Taser then you must have the knowledge that it can be operated in two different modes. Among the two modes used by the Taser is the probe mode. This is simple since when you are using this mode it means that you can Taser a person who is 20 feet away.

The other way is by using it while you are next to your attacker. But you should also know that immediately you deactivate the Taser the attacker will be able to gain control over their movement. The degree at which the Taser will be effective will vary depending with where you aim. The best place that you can aim at is the front part of the torso. Your aim to make your attacker to remain on the ground and the best way that you can so this is by aiming your Taser well.

There are some areas that should not be Tasered since it may cause some serious damage.
There are some situations that you may be forced to leave behind your Taser so as to get away in this situation if you report thus case some companies may replace it safely for free. You must also know how best you can carry your Taser. You should not always play with it point it in the wrong direction. For your safety while you are carrying around your Taser is by using a holster which will help to prevent your Taser from firing when you are carrying it around.

When your Taser is charged then you will sure of it protecting you. Before you leave you need to check your Taser if it has enough charge. The Taser needs to be checked by professional in any case that it malfunctions and not just any random person.
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