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Performance tended to be poorest when the diet contained added trace minerals and no added vitamins, suggesting oxidation of the nutritional vitamins already present. Shawet al removed the vitamin premix in rising pigs 28 days previous to slaughter; this withdrawal significantly lowered riboflavin in the longissimus dorsi muscle. Another concern with the NRC suggestions is that the older analysis studies involved purified diets significantly for monogastric species.

In order to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, a dietary supplement ought to be taken. Some individuals develop a B12 deficiency because they cannot take in the vitamin via their abdomen lining. Folate, also called folic acid or folacin, aids in protein metabolism, selling purple blood cell formation, and lowering the danger for neural tube birth defects. Folate may also play a role in controlling homocysteine levels, thus decreasing the risk for coronary heart disease.

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This latter study signifies that broiler vitamin requirements exceed those recommended by the NRC, and that the elimination of vitamin supplementation from broiler diets would severely impair efficiency. Teeter and Deyhim eliminated vitamins and/or minerals from broiler diets for the last 21 days of life, a interval during which the birds had been uncovered to heat stress. There was important discount in live fowl and carcass efficiency.