Carrageenan Safety, Side



The media has a tendency of misinterpreting research, assigning cause-and-effect and inappropriately extrapolating results. Concerns surrounded study outcomes showing a rise of ulcerative colitis threat when guinea pigs were administered giant quantities of carrageenan. Turns out people usually are not guinea pigs and this consequence was not found in studies together with other rodents, pigs, monkeys or humans.

So my concept is that it might depend on the species and type of purple, green, and brown seaweed as well as to the part of the seaweed that’s processed). Again a lot of apples and oranges here with differing species and the algae having 3-four different parts which may be used in carrageen processing whereas only the blades are used for the snacks. As you each might know from my postings my only meals points are gluten-carrageenan-seaweed (whole? Both blade-leaf and stipe-stem?)-MSG (originally derived from seaweed – then wheat and now corn-based mostly).

In other phrases, it is a “species-specific phenomenon”. Nonetheless, some suspicious results occurred in petri dishes of human embryonic lung cells as well as liver and intestinal cells. Still, no proof to inform us the impact of carrageenan in human beings.

Eating And Health

Despite its use, carrageenan has been a questionable ingredient because it has been loosely linked to digestive inflammation, proof that some researchers dispute. Those who defend the use of carrageenan boast about its advantages, including its effectiveness in including texture and stability to drinks, ice cream and infant formula.