Carrageenan Dangers, Sources, Plus Healthier Alternatives


So irritating, since here I thought I was making the more healthy alternative. Just goes to point out that you should always learn labels. For those of us with digestive issues and autoimmune issues that we’ve been dealing with for 20+ years, YES, it does mean a small quantity of panic. We aren’t simply on some development bandwagon, we don’t drink milk and have limited choices.

She started investigating and came upon about Carrageenan. She always had almond milk in her espresso and the brand they use has it in it.

Califia Farms Unsweetened Almondmilk

He had started to eat extra wholesome and had added many new things to his food plan. He was so miserable he went back to his old way of eating. Four years later when my daughter graduated from college she too began having intestinal points. She began to note that they often occurred after stopping at Starbucks on her approach to work.

Their additional components and hidden toxins are why most of us have turn out to be ill in the first place! Until you have a health problem, don’t declare that others are blowing issues out of proportion.