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Jemielniak D, Wilamowski M. Cultural range of quality of information on Wikipedias. Given the fact that Wikipedia modifying increases data literacy [22-24] and that Wikipedia is more and more adopted by teachers , we consider that Wikipedia can be relied upon to supplement our data about journal quality. We found proof of “recentism,” which refers to preferential citation of recently printed journal articles in Wikipedia. Traditional excessive-impact medical and multidisciplinary journals have been extremely cited by Wikipedia, suggesting that Wikipedia medical articles have robust underpinnings.

Finally, a listing of possible causes and a comparability of the associated factors are offered. YOU WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHTwith stomach pain, fever, and sweats. Or the coughing kids you sat next to on your public transit journey yesterday?

Since this journal focuses on review articles and Wikipedia favors evaluation articles over major sources , this statement is no surprise. PLOS One stands out too, as it is rather quickly mirrored on Wikipedia.

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