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Use of human effort and profession to satisfy human wants is referred to as service business. Some of the characteristics of a service is that they cannot be stored for future use since thy expire easily or they go bad easily. Services are inseparable from the providers it is based on persons knowledge and experience these two belong together. Skills and experience are required to run a service business success and to get more customers and thrive in the field of competition. In service provision business one does it at their own free will there are no stock to be sold hence no losses incurred incase one does not sell products. Practice practice makes perfect this applies in this industry such that as one continues to provide service they perfect on this.

As one provides services they learn new things and tactics of providing a service hence the more services provided the better one becomes. Services provided varies from the person providing them hence they are not similar one can go to a business and get poor services and also go to another business for the same services and get perfect services. . In service business one creates direct personal relationship with customers the kind of relationship or the environment created can create or break a business this is because it determines whether a customer will come back again for the service or not. Service sellers should concentrate in establishing good environment with the buyers this will not only market the business but will also create a good image of the business to the public. Service providing business is better as compared to goods selling business this is because one does not spend money in renting a house , there is no stress on stock since if one does not suffer loss for not selling goods ,less money is required to start this business. This type of business lead to personal development due to the network developed and also less advertising is required since the business sells itself. Service provision heavily depend on human being who may get tired their moods also vary and due to this human factors they may not provide services as expected. Barber business is one of the service business that exist this business deals with hair shaving. There are different barber schools that exist but it is good to select the best that one will be equipped with necessary skills.

They always have the best results since the trainers deliver the best to their students hence they release many graduate who have enough skills and competenceWhen selecting a learning institution it is my believe that every person would opt for the one that offers the best education with enough skills. They have a team of hardworking trainers and consultants who are devoted to their work they also have good certification.

Some of the clients happily confess how this barber school has has helped them in excelling in their studies since they are taught the best and also being equipped with enough knowledge on how to be their own boss .

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